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Public school teachers all around the nation are eventually faced with the growing possibility of being laid-off (due to budget cuts), stationary salaries, and the harsh reality of displacement (due to rising rents). It has become difficult for teachers to afford housing in major cities due to much change occurring in the nation, and at the state and city levels.
The time has now come, for the nation to understand that teachers are not as financially stable as they once were. There is a great deal of uncertainty for teachers and their job security; making it close to impossible to secure market rate housing. This is problematic and a matter of contemporary policy. If our educators continue to be displaced due to the lack of affordable housing, we will lose great teachers in our public schools and our children will ultimately suffer. The country has a fiduciary duty to help our teachers with affordable housing by implementing policy and programs that ease the uncertainty of whether or not a teacher can afford to live comfortably in a city where they are transforming lives.
This website is to inform you about who we are as an organization, and to ask for your support in helping public school teachers. We are currently undergoing the process of obtaining our 501(c)(3) status and would appreciate your support. It is imperative that we gain the tax exempt status in order to move forward with the goal of: obtaining affordable housing for educators around the nation. Join us, as we begin to pave the path towards sustainable affordable housing for public school teachers.
Making Housing for Educators a Priority
UEAAH, making housing for Educators a Priority!
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